We use potent and best-form therapeutic-doses of nootropic ingredients that are specifically designed for top performers. We believe in nootropics that you can rely on for support when you need it so that you can consistently push past your highest goals. The greatest achievements require high performing support – use nootropics that you can rely on.


Aim Higher
We use the dosages and potencies that will support you to achieve more, push harder, and strive further. You're beyond average and so are your goals – take nootropics that live up to your standards.
Improved cognition from effective ingredients
Effective cognition starts with effective ingredients. You're smart enough to avoid wasting your time on generic supplements and “magic pills”.
More of Yourself
We use the most effective nootropic ingredients to support the motivation, focus, energy and drive that's already inside you. Don't change who you are with synthetic boosts – use natural ingredients to bring out the best parts of who you already are.


Highest potency
Our ingredients come in the highest potency available in the market.
Best form ingredients
We select only the most bioavailable and potent forms of each specific nootropic ingredient.
Therapeutic dosages
Our competitors might pack their supplements with fillers, but we never settle for minuscule and ineffective amounts of active ingredients. Our dosages are always at the top end of safe limits in accordance with the latest research.
Most effective ingredients. Ever.
We use bioavailable forms of ingredients in their highest potencies at optimal therapeutic dosages – this means we use the most effective ingredients. Ever.


Formulated and tested by scientists
All of our formulas are backed by a team of expert PhD neuroscientists & pharmacologists.
Lab-proven and time-tested
Our nootropics have a plethora of research behind them. Most of them have been used as traditional herbal medicines for centuries.
Individual approach
You know that the one-size-fits-all formula doesn't work when it comes to nootropics, so we scientifically-personalise your ingredients, specifically tailored for you and your cognitive challenges.
Our brand is fully dedicated to cognitive support through holistic methods.

Personal evaluation of your cognitive strengths & challenges
Holistic understanding of the factors underlying your cognitive challenges
Personalised nootropic solutions to reach your individual cognitive goals