Nootropics for Anxiety
Don't fall prey to anxiety

Don’t let anxiety throw you off your game; nootropics for anxiety have the potential to help you multitask and hit targets with ease.

Establishing a successful freelance business takes hard work and dedication, so a staggeringly-heavy workload is often inevitable. This is especially true if you are running a solo operation, as this gives you primary responsibility for every aspect of your business. Juggling different projects, deadlines and clients across an array of international time zones can be challenging, and a demanding schedule can overwhelm even the most organised and motivated of workers.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that freelancers often fall prey to anxiety. Panic and stress often rise up inside us at the least convenient of times (i.e. when you have lots to do) and can make it hard to focus on tasks. Over time, anxiety can wear you down and smother your motivation, damaging both your business prospects and your mental health. Worst of all, chronic stress and anxiety can eventually snowball into a bad case of burnout – so how can you head off your unhelpful physiological stress responses at work?

When used as part of a balanced daily diet and healthy lifestyle , nootropics for anxiety can not only even out your emotions, but also improve your memory, capacity for learning and overall cognitive function.

Which adaptogens are most effective for managing anxiety?

L-theanine, Gotu kola and Bacopa monnieri are three adaptogens that have all been scientifically tried and tested as therapeutic remedies for anxiety. Numerous studies have produced results that support the use of these nootropics for their mood balancing and cognition-enhancing effects. So, how exactly can each of these natural medicines help to optimize both your health and your productivity?



L-theanine is an amino acid found primarily in green tea (Camellia sinensis) leaves. The effects of L-theanine as an anxiolytic have been widely studied, and this powerful nootropic has repeatedly been found to reduce stress and anxiety. One clinical trial concluded that daily doses of 200-400 mg of L-theanine had potent anti-anxiety and anti-stress effects in participants with both acute and chronic forms of the condition [1].

A separate study [2] found that a nutrient drink containing 200 mg of L-theanine significantly reduced the stress response of participants who were later faced with a multitasking challenge. This effect kicked in just one hour after the drink was consumed, and participants were also found the have a reduced amount of cortisol (a stress hormone) in their saliva after three hours.

These findings highlight L-theanine’s potential as an anti-anxiety remedy that can help you cope with a varied and demanding workload.

When taken daily as apart of a personalised nootropics stack, L-theanine can be an effective therapeutic treatment for anxiety and stress conditions. For the busy (and occasionally overworked) entrepreneur, this can be a lifesaver for helping you to override your stress response on focus on the task at hand.

Gotu kola

Gotu kola (AKA Centella asiatica) is a powerful medicinal herb with a wide range of therapeutic health benefits. This adaptogenic herb features heavily in the traditional medical systems of China, India and Indonesia. Gotu kola it is used for its wound healing properties, to treat a variety of skin conditions and diseases, to boost cognitive function and as a treatment for anxiety.

Today, this potent nootropic is becoming increasingly popular in the West for its potential to treat sleep disorders, depression and anxiety. The herb was found to successfully treat all three [3], and further clinical trials have confirmed that Gotu kola has anti-anxiety effects in both rats [4] and humans [5].

There’s no doubt that Gotu kola has serious potential as a mood-regulating adaptogen, and can even help you to sleep better.  Taken daily, this nootropic can result in a better-rested, calmer and more productive working state, helping you to grow your business and meet your goals with ease.

Bacopa monnieri

Bacopa monnieri (also commonly known as Brahmi) is an adaptogen commonly used in the Indian traditional medical system of Ayurveda. Bacopa monnieri grows in the marshlands of Australia, Southeast Asia and the tropical and sub-tropical regions of Asia, Africa, and North America up to altitudes of 1500 m. This ancient herbal medicine is widely used to enhance memory, boost cognitive function and focus, and as a treatment for anxiety.

Studies into the effects of Bacopa monnieri have concluded that this adaptogen can significantly enhance cognitive function. When used by medical students, it was found to improve learning rate, memory retention and visual processing speed. Besides boosting the overall cognitive function of participants, Bacopa monnieri was also shown to decrease symptoms of anxiety [6].

Further studies [7] have found that the most significant improvements to these areas of cognitive function were observed after 12 weeks of Bacopa monnieri supplementation. Therefore, this nootropic should be incorporated into your daily healthcare routine if you’re to enjoy its full benefits. When taken as part of a balanced lifestyle, Bacopa monnieri can improve your long-term mental and physical health, while also helping to secure your professional success.


When stress and anxiety strike, working through your task list can suddenly seem impossible. Long hours, a lack of sleep and pressure to hit targets can all set your alarm bells ringing, inhibiting your ability to concentrate and slowing you down at work. For the ambitious freelancer, this can be the antithesis to success and seriously harms your chances of realising your professional goals.

Fortunately, combating the effects of anxiety and stress is easy with nootropics for anxiety. Personalised nootropics stacks containing L-theanine, Gotu kola or Bacopa monnieri all have the power to even out your mood and sharpen your focus.

This allows you to crack on with work and power through your daily tasks, making even the most demanding of schedules more manageable. Use nootropics for anxiety as part of a balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle to unlock the full potential of these powerful natural medicines.


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