Our company was founded by entrepreneurs who have real-world experience in striving harder, pushing further, and staying motivated to achieve incredible goals. We've used nootropics to improve our productivity, creativity, and quality of life – but finding the right ingredients for us and our personal goals weren't always easy. In fact, sifting through all of the research and evidence was time-consuming and didn't always translate to the personal experiences we had of the nootropics we took. We realised that there must be an easier way. We consulted with a team of multidisciplinary scientists, sourced the highest quality ingredients, and created the personalisation system.

Now, we provide high-quality nootropics that we trust – we take them ourselves and proudly supply them to our friends and family. We believe everyone can achieve peak performance and that personalised nootropics will give you an edge to get there. The founders of our company are passionate about biohacking themselves to better health, performance and clarity – and we have a feeling that you are too.
Here are some core ideas we take into consideration when developing our brand & people:


Constant personal and collective entrepreneurial growth. We stay open-minded to new ideas including experimentation of how to work better, looking past bias to upgrade our behaviours, expanding our meditation styles, and we accept that learning from failures leads to growth.
Radical honesty. Communication solves everything. We always assume positive intent.
We practice what we preach.
We prioritise quality over quantity; and quality over speed.
Utilising nutraceuticals, education, and technology can act as a global catalyst for exponential growth to both individuals and groups – for greater intelligence, better performance, and happier lifestyles. Our vision is for a world where everyone can realise their greatest dreams, and our mission is to give you an edge by supporting your biochemistry to keep you focussed, driven, and energised.


We are focused on three main concepts that support entrepreneurs, high achievers, and top performers - nootropic personalisation, effectiveness and reliability. We deliver our mission and vision by making sure our nootropics are tailored to your personal cognitive challenges while retaining high-quality ingredients that are both effective and reliable.
Our nootropics are formulated with green, natural ingredients and no unnecessary additives. We've carefully chosen our ingredients from reputable suppliers and tested them in accordance with the latest science to ensure effectiveness, safety, and long-term reliability. Your health matters. When you're pushing harder than ever before, you need a nootropic stack that you can rely on. Don't settle for second-best.
Our nootropic boxes are personally selected for you, based on the results from your scientifically-backed questionnaire. With thousands of nootropics available on the market, we make it easy to find the synergistic ingredients that work best for you and your cognitive challenges. There is no magic pill to become your best self – but the right combination of nootropics comes close. Don't just guess what might work. Target the biochemical pathways that are right for your body and your goals.
Our nootropic boxes are formulated by a team of scientists and contain therapeutic dosages of the highest potency ingredients available on the market. We use a select number of nootropics in their most bioavailable forms and only include research-backed and time-tested ingredients. You're in it for the long haul, and we are fully committed to supporting the cognition of top performers and high achievers. Choose nootropics that you can trust.


We are passionate biohackers and have tested hundreds of different nootropics (Andrius is probably closer to having tested a thousand - you should see his kitchen cabinet!). While, undoubtedly, the synthetic nootropics do have effects in the short term, we know that natural ingredients, personalised to every individual, provide better long-term benefits.
Head of Product & Co-Founder
Top 3 Biohacks
Top nootropics
Top 3 Biohacks:
- Circadian rhythm optimization
- Intermittent & extensive fasting
- Breathwork / SNS&PNS balance
Top 3 Nootropics:
- Magnesium (L-Threonate) + B6 (P5P)
- D-Ribose + Creatine + CoQ10 + PQQ
- L-Theanine + Guarana
Top 3 Habits:
- Daily meditation and other mindfulness practices
- Balanced morning routine
- Reading nutritional labels (all of them…)
CEO & Co-Founder
Top 3 Biohacks
Top nootropics
Top 3 Biohacks:
- Fully dark curtain and no light at night.
- Heart rate and sleep cycle tracking.
- Various breathing & meditation techniques.
Top 3 Nootropics:
- Magnesium (threonate) at night
- Rhodiola + bacopa + theanine + gotu during the daytime
- B12 (methylcobalamin) + B6 (P5P)
Top 3 Habits:
- At least 20 min. meditation & stretch each morning
- Early morning gym sessions
- Notifications and any devices on silent for deep work


We work with multidisciplinary scientists from various brain-health fields to ensure that everything about our nootropic system is game-changing. Our scientific team has more than 50 years of collective experience to make give you the most tailor-made, reliable & effective nootropics available on the market.