Our team of multidisciplinary scientists has produced a collection of green, natural, and effective nootropics based on the latest scientific evidence, decades of research, and centuries of traditional herbal medicine. While the supplement market is full of questionable, unsustainable products, all of our ingredients are sourced from quality suppliers and tested for safety and quality. Your health matters. When you're pushing harder than ever before, you need a nootropic stack that you can rely on in the long-term. Don't settle for second-best.


Our aim is to push you closer to your goals by making sure your cognitive abilities are supported for years to come. While synthetic nootropics can be effective in the short term, they inevitably do more harm than good. You need long-term support that you can rely on if you're going to achieve something great.


Our multidisciplinary team of pharmacologists, psychologists and PhDs are big believers in science and research-based nootropics that support your natural biochemistry instead of initiating a synthetic, short-lasting boost. We put in the years of research so that you don't have to.
Research-backed ingredient choices
Evidence-based nootropic formulations
Personalised nootropic stacks that actually work


When choosing whether to include an ingredient in our product list, we always make sure that the research behind it is solid. For this reason, our scientists give all of our products a grade:
Early human evidence of ingredient effects
Strong human evidence of ingredient effects
Strong and high-quality human evidence of ingredient effects


Carefully selected suppliers
Our suppliers undergo extensive ingredients testing prior to being accepted.
Testing and validation
Our ingredients undergo testing to make sure they are effective and free from nasties.
Best ingredients on the market
Therapeutic dosages. Best forms. Highest potency – so that you can reach your highest goals.
Full transparency
Dosages, potencies, and forms of ingredients are all listed in our product cards.


Our scientific team has more than 50 years of collective experience to ensure that you get the most scientifically-backed, tailor-made, reliable & effective nootropic ingredients available today. We have worked with scientists from various brain-health related fields to make sure everything meets an exceptional standard - from personalisation, to formulations, to ingredients effectiveness. You're a high performer – your nootropics should be too.